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Madam Burcu Fashion House

MADAM BURCU FASHION HOUSE Since its establishment in 1998, it has become one of the leading companies in the sector with its specialized staff and unique designs.

MADAM BURCU FASHION HOUSE has continued its works with great care in the first day of its establishment, without losing its excitement and ambition.  

In order to provide better service to our valued customers, we aim to serve our customers not only in İZMİR where our company is located, but also in the whole world.


Hundreds of Original Models

Large Collection

Every year, our renewed wedding dress collection is presented to you with hundreds of unique models.

Quality and Trust

Madam Burcu Fashion House offers the best quality products in the most elegant way by following the trends closely related to the current accessories and designs all around the world.

Madame Burcu in the process of global change and consumption developing growth-oriented strategies, not only in production, design, presentation, marketing activities, promotion, sales and after-sales with the goal of providing quality-based relationships with the customer has a mission that maintains based on trust.

In addition to being a company that makes a leader in the sector, made a name with its latest technology and innovations in this sector, in addition to being an example of its competitors in the sector, we continue to be a company that is open to innovations opened to the outside world with its exportations and continues to be a company that directs the sector.


Sizlerden Yorumlar

First of all, I would like to thank the team of Mustafa Bey and Şadiye Hanım for the whole team! I felt like princesses! The only address for the wedding dress is Madam Burcu!

Neslihan Keskinoğlu

Today was my last rehearsal day and everything was great since I have not experienced any negative negatives in the first year I thank everyone who contributed, especially as I wish to continue your success.

Sinem Yılmaz Demirden

The rare people who think of you more than you .. I do not understand anyone who I think of dreams at the moment I do not understand my brain as if the cuzen and thorn people, it is good that you are.  

Pelin Eryılmaz

Provam was very nice. The interest, the relevance, were all wonderful. I would like to thank all the madame family for being my sister who brought me all my indulgence because they were trying to help me with the moment and moment.

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